Jesse Conner


Jess belongs to a family in the town who's garden backs onto the wood that Reuben and Isabel live in. A massive science-fiction and computer game fan, this dog could be considered a geek. But then geeks are smart and Jess however could get lost in a corridor.

Proudest moment – Watched all three extended edition “Lord of the rings” films in a row without the aid of stimulants.





A fennec fox that escaped from Chester Zoo and took up refuge in the peak district after realising that he'd probably hate Africa as he dislikes sand. Would love nothing more than to be allowed to sleep all day. However, his two best friends generally don't allow much time for relaxation.

Proudest moment – Once slept for so long that when he woke up it was already suppertime.


Isabella Defaux


Isabel has been Jess's best friend since they were both kids. In essence little more than mischief wrapped up in an orange fur coat and a cheesy smile, Isabel has always prided herself on her outspoken beliefs and her never-ending ability to annoy other animals and burn the un-burnable.

Proudest moment - Once ate an entire family of mice. She was sick afterwards, but the sense of achievement was still there.


Seamus Conner


Father of Jess and Bosco, this grizzled Irish sheepdog is “top-dog” of the local farm. Seamus has had many achievements in his life, but he has yet to catch a certain young vixen for poaching from his farm's chicken coops.

Proudest moment – Marked every single vehicle in the village as his territory before fainting from dehydration.


Bosco Conner


Jess's useless older brother. His former owner got put in prison for dealing drugs. Rather than be sent to a rescue centre and adopted by “Lamewad Straight Edge Mormons”, Bosco decided to live with his dad on the farm…Seamus was happy on the inside.

Proudest moment – Remembering his name every day.




A caffeine addiction and a workaholic attitude have made this hyperactive ball of fur into the jittering wreck you see before you. He is easily distracted, and as primary guard dog at the farm that often means he gets into trouble with Seamus, although Selby himself always works with a smile on his face and a wag in his tail.

Proudest moment – As an innocently optimistic creature, Selby has far too many proud moments to list.




As a teacher at the woodland school, Trevor has had to endure much and asks for so little in return. In need of corrective lenses ever since he flew into a garden with an extra bright security light, He is living proof that not all owls are wise.

Proudest moment – Never killed a student, even though they probably deserved it




A cat that was bought by the same owners as Jess. Like most cats, she sees herself as superior to all other naturally occurring things on the planet. Likes nothing more than messing with Jess.

Proudest moment – Winning £200 for a clip of Jess falling down the stairs.





A horse that lives on the local farm. She is an obsessive gambler, and with Seamus, has often won at on-line Vegas. Though she spends more time revelling in the Irish collie's misfortune than her own good luck.

Proudest moment – Beating Seamus at coin tossing three hundred times before the dog noticed the coin was one sided.




A homosexual cat owned by a local truck driver. Brian is a bit of a scam artist, and is always keen to trick easy money from what he calls “the idiot masses”. As is often the case with animals that view time as money, Brian has no time for "idiots getting in his way". Sadly, that usually includes just about everyone.

Proudest moment – Bending down to pick up a 1p, only to find that it was actually a very dirty pound coin.


Riff and Suz


Twin brother of Suz, this grey squirrel lives only to cause mayhem and have fun. His quest for the ultimate rush often comes at other animal's expense.

Proudest moment – Tying Bosco and Selby's collars together, then luring them around a lamp post.


Twin sister of Riff. She is much more the intelligent and planning of the two, though not by much.

Proudest moment – Telling Riff to tie Bosco and Selby's collars together, then luring them around a lamp post.



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